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Agricultural Production Regions

Mosaic images were created by the NASA MODIS Rapid Response System team to overlap agricultural regions identified by USDA-FAS-PECAD. New MODIS mosaics are produced daily for each agricultural region in false color and true color from the Terra and Aqua satellites at 1km, 500m and 250m resolution. These near real-time images can be viewed and downloaded after clicking on a region outlined in red.


Modis Rapid Response System
Satellite Information for Agricultural Monitoring - A Joint NASA/USDA Project
NASA Satellites Improve Response To Global Agricultural Change
Satellites boost FAS information

For more information about MODIS products visit the MODIS Web.


MODIS False Color Image
(Bands 7,2,1)

MODIS 1km Landcover
(see IGBP Class Scheme)

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