The International Production Assessment Division (IPAD) of the USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) is responsible for global crop condition assessments and estimates of area, yield and production for grains, oilseeds and cotton. The primary mission of IPAD is to produce the most objective and accurate assessment of global agricultural production and the conditions affecting food security around the world. Regional analysts use remote sensing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to collect market intelligence and analyze near real-time satellite imagery data to estimate global production.

IPAD Regions of Responsibilities

IPAD Regions of Contact List


Ronald Frantz Senior Director Ronald.Frantz@usda.gov
Tetrault, Robert Director Robert.Tetrault@usda.gov
Reynolds, Curt Sub-Saharan Africa, COR Curt.Reynolds@usda.gov
Crutchfield, James Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific Islands, Pakistan, COR James.Crutchfield@usda.gov
Mita, Dath East Asia (China, North Korea, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan), and SIA Manager, COR Dath.Mita@usda.gov
Yadav-Pauletti, Sunita Brazil Sunita.Yadav-Pauletti@usda.gov
Mladenova, Iliana Eurasia (Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus), Kazakhstan Iliana.Mladenova@usda.gov
Collins, Ifeoma Mexico, Central America, United States-- West, Lockup Coordinator Ifeoma.Collins@usda.gov
Jenkins, Justin Southeast Asia, GIS Specialist Justin.Jenkins@usda.gov
McGaughey, Katie South America (less Brazil) Katie.McGaughey@usda.gov
Mulhollen, Aaron Canada and Caribbean, United States – East, Middle East (Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey),
Central Asia (Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan,
Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan), Lockup Coordinator
Purcell, Bryan Europe, North Africa Bryan.Purcell@usda.gov
Trent, Arnella South Asia (India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka) Arnella.Trent@usda.gov
Colson, Lisa GIS Mapping/Imagery Analyst Lisa.Colson@usda.gov