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 In The News 2019
Oct 23, 2019 Mixed Harvest Results for 2019/20 European Union Crops
Sep 12, 2019 Severe Drought Reduces 2019 Corn Production in Zambia and Zimbabwe
Sep 12, 2019 Severe Drought Curtails Hydropower Production in Zambia and Zimbabwe
Aug 29, 2019 China Soybeans: 2019/20 Production at a Record High
Aug 16, 2019 Ukraine: Favorable Weather Boosts Yields for Sunflowers and Corn
Aug 12, 2019 Brazil’s 2018/19 Record Cotton Harvest Underway
Jul 22, 2019 North Korea: Early and Mid-Season Dryness Increases Food Productivity Concerns
Jul 16, 2019 Northwest Africa: Drought in Western Growing Areas, Favorable Conditions in the East
Jul 16, 2019 Benin Becomes Leading Cotton Producer in West Africa’s Franc Zone
Jun 28, 2019 Syria Wheat: Production Rebounds from Last Year’s Drought Affected Crop
Jun 28, 2019 Iraq Wheat: Record Yield and Production from Abundant Precipitation
May 31, 2019 Indonesia Rice: Area Reduced due to Corn Expansion
May 31, 2019 Malaysia Palm Oil: Beneficial Weather helps to Increase Annual Production
May 20, 2019 Australia Cotton: Production Estimate Down 48 Percent from Last Year
May 02, 2019 Australia: Sorghum Reduced by Heat and Dryness
Apr 23, 2019 Guyana Rice: Yield Expectations Increase with Improved Varieties
Mar 08, 2019 Russia 2019/20 Winter Grains: Highest Planted Area in 9 Years