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 In The News 2017
Nov 21, 2017 Argentina: Spring Planting Stalled but Winter Wheat Benefits from Rains
Oct 20, 2017 Mexico Cotton: Harvest begins, Estimated Production Increases from Last Year
Oct 12, 2017 India Cotton: Planted Area Increases Despite Flooding
Sep 29, 2017 Panama, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua Rice Production
Sep 22, 2017 Planting of Summer Crops Begins in Brazil
Aug 24, 2017 Brazil Wheat Faces One Weather Challenge after Another
Aug 22, 2017 Russia Wheat: Evidence Points toward another Record Harvest
Aug 18, 2017 Crop Production in Greece and Italy
Aug 16, 2017 An Atypical Canadian Summer: Hot and Dry in the Prairies, Cool and Wet in the East
Aug 14, 2017 North Korea: Warning Signs of Drought for the Rice Crop
Aug 11, 2017 China: 2017/18 Cotton Production Outlook
Jun 21, 2017 Ukraine: Winter Wheat Conditions Deteriorate in Central and West but Remain Good in t
Jun 20, 2017 Madagascar Rice: Severe Drought Lowers Production
Jun 01, 2017 Northwest Africa: 2017/18 Crop Expectations Deteriorate Because of Unfavorable Spring
May 31, 2017 India: Estimated Wheat Harvest Reaches Record Level
Apr 25, 2017 Ukraine: Early Spring Conditions for 2017/18 Winter Wheat
Mar 30, 2017 Heat and Dryness Reduce Production Prospects for Australia Sorghum
Mar 28, 2017 Cuba Rice: Satellite Imagery Monitors Irrigated Fields
Mar 28, 2017 Guyana Rice: Production Drops with Problems in First Crop Rice
Mar 15, 2017 Mexico Corn: Adequate Reservoir Levels Benefitting Winter Corn
Mar 01, 2017 Pakistan Cotton Production Forecast to Recover from Last Season
Feb 24, 2017 IRAQ: Monitoring Lake Dahuk and the Mosul Dam with Satellite Radar
Feb 16, 2017 PHILIPPINES: Recent Typhoons Result in Limited Rice Losses
Feb 15, 2017 THAILAND: Rice Production Rebounds Following El Nino
Feb 01, 2017 India Peanuts: Persistent Dryness Impacting Planting of Rabi Crop
Jan 30, 2017 Ukraine: Sown Area and Early Prospects for 2017/18 Winter Crops
Jan 30, 2017 South Africa: Near Record Yields Expected for the 2016/17 Wheat Crop
Jan 27, 2017 Haiti: Hurricane Matthew Causes Minimal Damage to Second Rice Crop