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Feb 11 2020 | Sri Lanka Rice: Production Decreases due to Area Reduction
USDA forecasts 2019/20 Sri Lanka rough rice production at 4.0 million metric tons (mmt), down 11 percent from last month and 13 percent from last year. Milled rice is estimated at 2.7 mmt. The 13 percent drop in production is based on less area planted and yields returning to the 5-year average. The harvested area is forecast at 0.9 million hectares, down 10 percent from the previous forecast and down nearly 8 percent from 2018/19. This 10 percent drop in harvested area is based on area revisions from the Sri Lanka Ministry of Agriculture. Yield is forecast at 4.44 metric tons per hectare, down nearly 6 percent from 2018. (For more information, please contact

Apr 9 2019 | Sri Lanka Rice: Production Rebounds
USDA estimates 2018/19 Sri Lanka rice production at 2.96 million metric tons (4.35 rough), up 32 percent from last year due to improved conditions. After two years of drought, rainfall was recorded at average levels in the main producing areas. Consequently, area harvested returned to average levels. Area is estimated at 1.1 million hectares, up 43 percent from last year, but yield is estimated at 3.96 metric tons per hectare, down nearly 8 percent. The 8-percent drop in yield is due to damage from the fall army worm and flooding during the yala season. (For additional information, please contact

Apr 10 2018 | Sri Lanka: Rice Production Forecast to Drop
USDA estimates 2017/18 Sri Lanka rice area at 0.88 million hectares, up nearly 30 percent from last year but down 7 percent from the 5-year average. The increase is due to more favorable planting conditions following last year’s drought. Yield is forecast at 4.22 tons per hectare, down 3 percent from last year due to dry conditions for the maha crop which is grown from October through April and accounts for 60 percent of total production. Production is forecast at 2.5 million tons (milled basis) or 3.7 million tons (rough), up 26 percent from last year. The rainfall during the maha crop season was down 40 percent from the long- term average. Although this is a mostly irrigated crop, satellite imagery shows that the reservoirs and rivers throughout the country are shrinking. (For more information, please contact

Aug 10 2017 | Sri Lanka Rice: Area Estimated Up 10 Percent
USDA estimates 2017/18 Sri Lanka rice area at 1.1 million hectares (mha), up 10 percent from last year despite below-normal reservoir levels and a shortage of seeds. Heavy rainfall in May caused severe flooding in the southwest but did not alleviate the drought conditions in the north-central and eastern parts of the country. The reservoir levels are estimated to be at 32 percent of capacity compared to 76 percent last year. Production is forecast at 2.9 million metric tons (mmt) milled or 4.26 rough, up 23 percent from last year’s drought reduced crop.

Jan 12 2017 | Sri Lanka Rice: Floods and Drought Reduce Production
USDA forecasts 2016/17 Sri Lanka rice production at 2.35 million tons milled (3.45 million tons rough), down 23 percent from last month and down 29 percent from last year. Area is estimated at 1.0 million hectares, down 23 percent from previous forecast and down 18 percent from last year. The decrease is attributed to two factors. Major floods in mid-May affected the 2016 yalaseason and drought is currently affecting the maha-season.

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